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More and more people access websites through mobile devices and it's a fact Google shows responsive websites higher.

Your web site will be created using the same program as these pages which are very mobile device friendly. 

Not only will you have the freedom to have up to 100 pictures 20 email addresses and 10 videos, you may add as much wording as you feel you need explaining the services you are offering.

A map and your contact details will be included in the footer.

One of the advantages of creating a website in this format is the convenience and the cheaper costs making it is also more effective in attracting Google's attention.

All clients of We WebWork will have a link to their multi page web sites displayed for free from this web site.

Guest Houses

La Vue Parfaite

Sample Layout Pages

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Undercoverrebel's Michelle designed the layout for our new website. We Webwork turned her design into a creation. CDLBD looks forward to a lasting relationship with We WebWork. 


“I have never regretted asking We WebWork to build our web site All changes, additions have been completed in a couple of days. The site is now google friendly too. Well done Tony and gang ”

Tony has just finished our other web site Laser and Ink for us which we are very happy with.

“This web site has been a learning curve for Tony and co.

 As you can see it is fully responsive. The advantages over a Word press site are that the original, is saved on a pc and its backups. This means that should a client wish to change service providers for hosting, the web site is safe and can be reloaded to the new hosting company easily.”

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