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Website Designer
Been doing web design since 1998
Love it and the challenges it presents


I do Social Media Marketing
Found what I want to do and love the creative side of Marketing


Once your site is live, the only other costs are the monthly hosting fee which covers hosting and any changes that you may require.
A once-off yearly renewal fee of the domain name will be invoiced at the date for Renewal.

As often as you like for wording, pictures, videos and adding new pages.

Email for wording, WhatsApp works great for pictures, and quick chats

Within a week of having received the content for the site creation, you will be given a link to view what we have created.
Now is the time to tell us what you want changed to suit your business. 

Included in the sign-up fee is the domain registration or the transfer of your existing domain to the servers we use.

You will be billed once you are satisfied with the look of your website for the creation fee.
Then on the 25 of each month, you will be invoiced for the maintenance and hosting.
You can pay via EFT and proof of payment will be sent from our accounting system.

Please be aware that hosting fees are due in advance and before the 5 of each month
Failure to pay within the period can lead to your domain been suspended

We WebWork

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Tony Cell : +27 72 322 7756  
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